“To truly serve people, you have to meet them where they are”

I believe in and support

Funding Education

“Plant a seed. Tend it. And watch it grow”.

In order to raise a good crop you have to create the best possible environment for it to grow. As seasons change, so do the needs and resources required to ensure strong growth.

Let’s make a better future for our children and communities by providing:

1) Funding to support quality education, to alleviate financial stress     on school districts and provide teachers with needed resources.

2) Dynamic and new models for learning

3) Additional financial assistance for colleges and students


Property Tax Reform

The days of forcing property owners to choose between higher taxes or funding education and essential services are over. I’ll fight to reform the property tax code to ensure homeowners get a fair shake.

Growing and Securing Jobs for Rural Texas

Texas has one of the fastest growing economies for job growth in the nation but somehow that growth just “fly’s over” rural Texas. It’s high time the state’s economy makes a stop in our district. I’ll fight to bring jobs and to protect jobs in House District 18.


Main Street Not Wall Street

The backbone of our communities have always been small farmers, ranchers and business. After eight years and almost two trillion dollars to Wall Street, Main Street is still waiting on its bailout and now Washington has given Wall Street another payday. I’ll fight for a seat at the table and stand for initiatives that support rural businesses. #MainStreetOpen4Business

Access to Affordable & Quality Healthcare

Since Washington can’t seem to get healthcare right, I’ll work to get every state level resource available to provide quality healthcare in House District 18. Through the formation of partnerships with stakeholders in the public and private sector, we will deliver the healthcare our communities deserve and need; because our health can’t wait on Washington.

Defending the U.S. Constitution

As a proud Christian, Oilman and avid Outdoor Sportsman, I revere the rights offered to each of us under the constitution. It affords us all the rights and protections to live out our dreams and to pass on our traditions. As a Texan and as an American I will defend the rights and liberties of ALL.


United we Stand

Together we can build the future that we want for ourselves and our families; a future fostered by open dialogue, tolerance of differences and singular goal of opportunity for all. #DignityandRespect4ALL

I’m Fred Lemond! I’m bringing common sense and Rural Democratic Values back to the ballot in East Texas. I am asking for your vote and support. Elect me, your agent for change on November 6, 2018 for Texas House District 18!